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Gryphons are Taking Off! [Apr. 3rd, 2010|12:10 am]
[i feel |excitedexcited]


Here we go! <3 If you're interested in my Gryphons, this'll be the place to go. From now on, posts related to this subject will primarily be posted in this community, aside from occasional "HAY GUYS CHECK THIS OUT" stuff.
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Cyberpet people [Jan. 22nd, 2010|12:59 am]
[i feel |curiouscurious]

...I want to start doing Gryphons again. I wanna start with Tsumes, too, but they take a lot more time and I feel like I should ease my way in a little bit easier, if that makes any sense. The Gryphons were a ton of fun to do, and I think it'd be a nice way to keep myself entertained.

How many of you would be interested, if I were to start offering random draws and the like? <3 Just.. lemme know and I'll decide how worthwhile it is. And then maybe someday Tsumes will return to the world as well, just... Yeah. For some reason I'm being struck by a Gryphon-y mood. Draws would probably be posted on the Tsume forum and announced on LJ. Maybe a few forums, if people were down with that sort of thing.

Example (warning: old. really old. But I'd still be using flash, so still relevant!):
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(no subject) [Sep. 11th, 2005|05:14 pm]
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Post an ANONYMOUS comment with the following:
1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note, but it does not have to be for me.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How old you are.
7. How long we've been friends.
8. And a hint to who you are.
9. After you do it for me, put it in your LJ and see who does it for you.

Even though this is friends-only, anonymous comments are still possible. Rectified.

Life is still a delight to live.
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Friends ONLY [Aug. 13th, 2005|06:45 pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I might add you. I might not. It depends on you, doesn't it?

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